The Aleph Bet Kids - Discover the joy of Hebrew & Jewish values through storytelling
Lamed & Chet Lamed makes the L sound
He is a long & lean boy who loves to laugh and sing la, la, la.
CHet - Just clear you throat to make this sound
This young girl always sounds like she is choking.
Aleph is a young quiet girl, just like the little Aleph that she weres upon her dressAleph is Silent  
She is a young girl who does not speak.   
Tav makes a T sound
He is a tough guy who kids a football with his toes.
Bet a big boy with a belly buttonBet makes a B sound
He is a big boy with a belly button.
Resh makes the R sound
She is a very round rabbit.  Resh the Round Rabbit
Caf the calf
Caf makes a C sound
She is baby cow, usually called a
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