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Aleph Finds Her Voice written by Ellen Sklaver
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The Aleph Bet Kids is devoted to helping children put fun into learning the Hebrew language while instilling Jewish values. Each Hebrew character is named after the letter that he or she displays using mnemonic tools to help make learning the Aleph Bet easier to memorize. In addition, I have incorporated a Hebrew Activities page which corresponds to learning the Hebrew language, instilling Jewish values and fun Hebrew activities for kids to do with my first book titled:
Written by Ellen Sklaver
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Aleph, a young girl, could do so many things like run, jump and even kick a ball. However, she was not happy because she could not speak.  
What happens when a young child does not know how to properly communicate? Who can help Aleph to overcome her problem?
I offer answers to these questions and more in Aleph Finds Her Voice (32 pp., $13.00). In this first book of a forthcoming series, children will learn the important role that Aleph plays in the Hebrew Alphabet as well as the value of being heard.
This book is beautifully illustrated and contains many colorful and vibrant pictures that will keep any child enthralled while teaching him or her the fundamentals of the Hebrew language.
Ellen Sklaver, author of Aleph finds her voice
Ellen Sklaver is currently a religious school teacher with over 20 years of experience.
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"Aleph Finds Her Voice is an imaginative teaching tale, engagingly written and cleverly illustrated."
Beth Phillips - Eagle Eye Editor
"This is a great book to help anyone learn about the Hebrew aleph bet! Such a cute way for kids to grasp the concept! :)"
Moira Sheehan - GraphicDesigner
“ What a new and innovative way of teaching the Aleph 
Bet. This book is filled with vibrant pages that keeps a child's attention. In addition, the story teaches children that making friends is as simple as talking to them."
Stacey - Editor
"This is an awesome kid's book with beautifully illustrated pictures."
Ted - Illustrator
Author Visit to the Forestdale School...
Ms. Ellen Sklaver, the author of "Aleph Finds Her Voice", came to share her book with the class! The children had lots of questions for Ms. Sklaver about becoming an author of a published book. They found out that the writing process that Ms. Sklaver uses, has many of the same attributes that we use during writing workshop in our class. The children enjoyed listening to the book after all of their questions were answered. Thank you for sharing your talent with us Ms. Sklaver!

Aleph Finds Her Voice                
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